Contributed talks

K. T. Arasu: Unimodular Perfect and Nearly Perfect Sequences: A Variation of Björck’s Scheme (slides)
Ivan Bailera: Butson Hadamard full propelinear codes (slides)
Sara Ban: A construction of Z4-codes from generalized bent functions (slides)
Maarten De Boeck: Neumaier graphs (slides)
Wojciech Bruzda: Quantum Solution to the Problem of 36 Officers of Euler (slides)
Andrea Burgess: On the spouse-loving variant of the Oberwolfach Problem
Sara D. Cardell: Counting erasure patters of SPC product codes by means of bipartite graphs
Thomas Y. Chen: Speeding up Inference in Machine Learning Algorithms using Hadamard matrices
Simone Costa: Generalizations of Heffter arrays and biembedding (multi)graphs on surfaces (slides)
Edwin R. van Dam: Unit gain graphs with two distinct eigenvalues and systems of lines in complex space (slides)
Peter Danziger: Cycle Decompositions of Complete Digraphs
Ronan Egan: On the Hadamard maximal determinant problem (slides)
Raúl M. Falcón: On the fractal dimension of strongly isotopism classes of Latin squares (slides)
Ana Grbac: On some constructions of LCD codes (slides)
Krystal Guo: Entanglement of free Fermions on distance-regular graphs
Daniel Hawtin: Neighbour-transitive codes in generalised quadrangles (slides)
Letong Hong: A Markov chain on the solution space of edge-colorings of bipartite graphs (slides)
Relinde Jurrius: Constructions of new matroids and designs over Fq (slides)
Vladislav Kabanov: Constructions of divisible design Cayley graphs (slides)
Michael Kiermaier: On α-points of q-analogs of the Fano plane (slides)
Vedran Krčadinac: On 4-designs with three intersection numbers (slides)
Domenico Labbate: Extending perfect matchings to Hamiltonian cycles in line graphs (slides)
Shuxing Li: Intersection Distribution and Its Application (slides)
Jonathan Mannaert: Cameron-Liebler line classes in AG(3,q) (slides)
Sam Mattheus: Eigenvalues of oppositeness graphs and Erdős-Ko-Rado for flags (slides)
Ivan Mogilnykh: Completely regular codes in Johnson and Grassmann graphs with small covering radii (slides)
Alessandro Montinaro: On flag-transitive symmetric 2-(v,k,λ) designs
Nina Mostarac: Distance-regular graphs from the Mathieu groups (slides)
Matteo Mravić: On extremal self-dual Z4-codes (slides)
Miguel Ángel Navarro-Pérez: A Combinatorial Approach to Flag Codes
Marko Orel: A family of non-Cayley cores that is constructed from vertex-transitive or strongly regular self-complementary graphs (slides)
Francesco Pavese: Small complete caps in PG(4n+1,q) (slides)
David Pike: Perfect 1-Factorisations (slides)
John R. Schmitt: New methods to attack the Buratti-Horak-Rosa conjecture (slides)
Patrick Solé: Bounds on permutation designs (slides)
Faina Solov’eva: Reed-Muller like codes and their intersections (slides)
Eric Swartz: Restrictions on parameters of partial difference sets in nonabelian groups (slides)
Marina Šimac: On some LDPC codes (slides)
Kristijan Tabak: On Automorphisms of a binary Fano plane (slides)
Ludmila Tsiovkina: On abelian distance-regular covers of complete graphs related to rank 3 permutation groups
Renata Vlahović Kruc: Quasi-symmetric 2-(28,12,11) designs with an automorphism of order 5 (slides)
Pepijn Wissing: A Hermitian adjacency matrix for Signed Directed Graphs (slides)
Tianxiao Zhao: On the non-existence of srg(85,14,3,2) and the Euclidean representation
Tin Zrinski: S(2,5,45) designs constructed from orbit matrices using a modified genetic algorithm (slides)
Ferdinando Zullo: The geometric counterpart of maximum rank metric codes (slides)